General Knowledge MCQs

General Knowledge MCQs


1: Who is the author of the book ” Tools and Weapons:The Promise and The Peril of the Digital Age”?

A. Jeff Bezos
B. Sundar Pichai
C. Brad Smith
D. Satya Nedella

2: When did World Day Against Trafficking in Persons celebrate?

A. 31st July
B. 30th July
C. 29th July
D. 28th July

3: What was the total members of East Asia Summit (EAS) in its inaugural summit held in Kuala Lumpur on 14 December 2005.

A. 12 members
B. 14 members
C. 18 members
D. 22 members

4: Pakistan is a member of the APG Asia Pesific Group since_________. APG is a regional body of Paris-based FATF of the United Nations.

A. 1999
B. 2000
C. 2003
D. 2004

5: Which airlines is the largest and National airline of Israel?

B. lAL
C. Air Israel
D. Arkia Airlines

6: Mention the unique airlines whose international planes fitted with anti-missile equipment?

A. Aeroflot
D. Eva Air

7: Who is known as Man of Blood and Iron _?

A. Sir Walter Soctt
B. Napoleon
C. Bismarck
D. Ho chi Minh

8: Court language during Ranjit Singh regime was___________?

A. Persian
B. Punjabi
C. Urdu
D. None

9: Ema is an example of _?

A. Active Volcano
B. Plateau in a volcano
C. Extinct Volcano
D. Dormant Volcano

10: The place of origin of an earthquake is called___________?

A. Seismic focus
B. Seismal
B. Epicenter
D. Amphidromic Point

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