Everyday Science Mcqs 2019


1: Which is the outermost planet in the solar system?

A. Mercury
B. Pluto
C. Neptune
D. Uranus

2: Severe deficiency of Vitamin D results in __.

A. scurvy
B. rickets
C. night blindness
D. osteomalacia

3: Milk contains water

A. 70%
B. 75%
C. 80%
D. 90%

4: The SI unit of charge is __?

A. Ampere
B. Coulomb
C. Ohm
D. Volt

5: Very High Frequency (VHF) have __ wavelengths?

A. shorter
B. shortest
C. longer
D. longest

6: Long-sight defect could be corrected by using __ lens?

A. concave
B. Convex
C. diverging
D. none of these

7: Deficiency of Vitamin-A results in __?

A. Night blindness
B. rickets
C. scurvy
D. hair fall

8: For a fixed mass of gass at constant temperature, if we decrease volume, the pressure will _?

A. also decrease
B. increase
C. remains constant
D. none of these

9: The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is __ days?

A. 60
B. 120
C. 180
D. 240

10: The density of water is __?

A. 1 g/cm3
B. 1.5 g/cm3
C. 2 g/cm3
D. none of these

11: Radioactivity was discovered by __?

A. Kelvin
B. Thomson
C. Rutherford
D. Bacquerel

12: A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called __?

A. motor
B. generator
C. moving-coil meter
D. battery

13: The Sun is a __?

A. Star
B. Planet
C. Asteroid
D. Meteor

14: The gas used in a refrigerator to cool water is___________?

A. Nitrogen
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Methane
D. Ammonia

15: The average adult has a blood volume of about __ liters.

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

16: The most abundant element in the universe is __.

A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen
C. Carbon Dioxide
D. Silicon

17: The most abundant element in the Earth’s crust is __?

A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen
C. Carbon Dioxide
D. Silicon

18: Each day human body breathe in __ liters of air.

A. 5,000 to 10,000
B. 10,000 to 15,000
C. 15,000 to 20,000
D. 20,000 to 25,000

19: Deficiency of Vitamin-D results in __?

A. night blindness
B. rickets
C. scurvy
D. hair fall

20: The SI unit of “pressure” is _.

A. pascal
B. joule
C. tesla
D. henry

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